Is there a required festival music list?

No. The Alberta International Band Festival encourages you to select musical literature that you believe will best showcase your ensemble at the grade level you have registered them for. Unlike other music festivals, we don't have a set performance list.

For both concert band band and jazz band performances, you should consider the overall performance. You have a set performance time that you must stay withing (including allowing time for your band to get on and off the stage, and time for adjudicators to provide comments between pieces.)

We recommend that you play a minimum of two pieces, but many groups opt to perform a warm-up piece or march that you have the option of including as part of your adjudication or not. The pieces selected should be in contrasting styles. For example, a good concert band program might include a traditional march and then a more contemporary original concert band piece. A jazz program might include a swing tune, a ballad, and a funk tune.

What equipment is provided by the festival?

There is a limited amount of equipment provided by the festival on both the performance stage and in the clinic room. Please refer to the AIBF 2017 Equipment for detailed list of what you will have access to.

Do I have to fill out the Background Information form?

The Background Information form is option, but this is an opportunity for you to provide some additional information to the adjudicators that they may benefit knowing. For example, if you are a new teacher in a school or replacing a teaching on a maternity leave, this is something they should know. If you have a student in your band that has a severe disability that may or may not impact the performance, this is valuable information they should be aware of. It may not change the rating they give your band, but it may impact the comments they choose to make. We recommend that you complete two version of this from and attach one to the front page of each score of the first piece your group will be performing.

What if I ordered my music scores but they haven't come in on time?

The policy of the Alberta International Band Festival is NOT to accept photocopied scores. You must provide two copies of the scores for each piece you're performing upon check-in at the Registration Desk. If you have ordered scores, but they have been delayed in the mail, we will accept photocopies along with a letter from the purchasing company (e.g. Long & McQuade, St. John's Music, Music Direct, etc.) indicating that the scores have been purchased but the order has been delayed. (Your music representative will be able to provide you with this given adequate notice.)