The heart of our festival is our volunteers! We require a large base of volunteers in order to make the Festival run smoothly and successfully. Your participation helps provide a memorable and beneficial educational experience to our participants.

There are a large number of positions and shifts available. Please note that no prior experience is required. Most of the jobs are relatively easy. On the day of your shift, our Festival Coordinator will be able to walk you through your job responsibilities and will be on hand to provide assistance as needed throughout the day. The volunteer jobs include:

  • band host - helps our groups navigate the venue by leading the group from one area to the next
  • registration - manning the administration desk as bands check-in
  • room host- announcing the performances and sponsors (from a script)

The Festival runs at two separate times in two different locations for the Concert and Jazz portions of the festival, and volunteers are needed at each. Many volunteers sign up for a single morning or afternoon shift, but if you have the gift of time, we would be grateful if you signed up for multiple shifts. Whether you can do one shift or multiple shifts, any assistance you can provide will be appreciated. You can sign up for back-to-back shifts even though the times overlap.

To sign-up, please go to the links below to select your volunteer shifts for the Concert Band or Jazz Band Festival.

Concert Band:

Jazz Band:

For additional information or questions about volunteering, please contact August Bassett at [email protected].