2021 AIBF Calgary Festival

We thank you for your patience. Our goal is to continue with the 2021 Alberta International Band Festival in Calgary as planned at approximately the same time periods as the past. However, we recognize and acknowledge there is still much uncertainty in regards to Covid-19 and how it may impact our school music programs and events in the future. Our committee will be meeting in September and making decisions based on the information at that time. Please check back then for an update.

If you have questions in the meantime, please reach out to us at [email protected].


Welcome to the Calgary Alberta International Band Festival 2020 - "Where young Albertans learn to play, and play to learn." We're excited to announce that we are celebrating our 50th year!

The Alberta International Band Festivals (both Edmonton North and Calgary South) are run by a volunteers. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a performance platform for outstanding junior high/middle school, high school, and community bands. The Festivals are held each year in Calgary and Edmonton. Organizers are committed to providing participants with a valuable and stimulating educational experience.

All bands are adjudicated against a standard performance rubric established by the Festival Committee. bands receive "Superior", "Excellent" or "Good" ratings from each of two adjudicators. One adjudicator gives a written evaluation, while the other provides recorded comments of the performance. the Festival also makes an archival recording for each band with no adjudicator's comments.

2021 Calgary Festival Dates

TO BE DETERMINED - Please see note above.

*** We request that all questions in regards to event registrations (and cancellations) please be directed to Ryan Hancock at [email protected].

The Festivals are funded by grants, corporate sponsorship, donations, entry fees and ticket sales. We invite organizations, foundations and individuals interested in supporting the Festivals to contact our Sponsorship Coordinators - Cathy MacRae and Ryan Hancock at [email protected].

For additional information about or questions concerning the Alberta International Band Festival - Calgary, please contact Director of Operations - Cathy MacRae at: [email protected].